Advantages of Electronic Certificates




The AIP representing the veterinary and fyto world in the Netherlands regarding the border passage of veterinary and fytosanitairy consignments has been able to convince the Dutch Government of the importance to make a step forward in creating an electronic environment for the exchange of all the documents. In this way we have been able to prevent the unnecessary taking of documents to go from A to B since these can be sent digitally. You are able to make better archives and select documents for specific questions. The other advantage is that different governmental bodies need the same info so this info, once in an electronic environment, can be shared and you need to make this available only once instead of several times.

Because of all these advantages we can only stimulate our trade partners in the world  to make the same steps and start working with electronic certificates.

To get an idea how the world could look like the AIP shares the following website with you. Here you can find a clear picture of the advantages :

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